Section I          The name of the Corporation is

“United Sports and Social Club, Inc.”

“Hereafter referred to as USSC or “The Corporation” (A Corporation not for profit) 




Section II        The Objectives of the Corporation is:

  • (a)    To promote and engage in all sporting activities deemed viable by its members
  • (b)   To promote communication and working relations amongst its members,

families, youth and the community in general.

  • (c)    To abide by and be governed by the Constitution of the United States of America


Section III       The Corporation shall operate Non-Profit Organization.






Section I          Membership shall be divided into two categories: Regular Membership & Honorary Membership.

  • ·         Regular Membership shall be open to any law abiding resident of the
  • United States of America. All Applicants for membership shall be
  • Reviewed for approval by the Board of Directors of United Sports and
  • Social Club, Inc. The Board reserves the right to do background checks
  • and refuse any applicant for whatever reason.
  • ·         Honorary Membership will be an election by two-thirds majority vote of
  • the financial members in attendance at a regular meeting and shall be
  • selected in recognition of an individual contribution to the community.
  • Honorary Members will remain a permanent member but cannot hold
  • Office or vote, or they will be obligated to pay dues. 


Section II        Membership Fees shall be paid as follows:

  • ·         $50 one time non-refundable Application fee.
  • ·         $10 monthly dues, but if the annual dues are paid by January 31st .
  • The amount will be discounted to $100.
  • ·         Members shall be fined two (2) dollars for lateness and (5) five dollars for
  • absenteeism except under extreme circumstances. Penalties for Officers
  • And Directors are ten (10) and twenty (20) dollars respectively.

Section III       Membership will be terminated for the non-payment of dues for 3 consecutive

                        months. A new application will be required for re-admittance to the Club after 6 months.


Section IV       The use of illegal drugs, illegal firearms, violence, etc. will be grounds for immediate termination.






Section I          Board of Directors meetings shall be held every second Wednesday of each calendar

                        Month, starting 7:00 P.M. Notice will be given of any changes to the regularly

                        scheduled meeting. The President has the power to call special meetings as deemed necessary.


Section II        Members meetings shall be held the third Thursday of each calendar month starting 7:30 P.M.


Section III       The Rules contained in “ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER” shall govern all

                        meetings. In case of a conflict between the “Robert’s Rules of Order” and the

                        Constitution, the latter shall prevail.






Section I          The Officers of the Corporation shall be as follows:



                                    Vice President



                                    Assistant Secretary/Treasurer


Section II        The Board of Directors shall consist of 5 Officers of the United Sports and Social

                        Club, and five (4) regular members elected at the annual meeting for election of Officers.

                        By –Election may be held at any regular meeting to fill any vacancies the might occur on the Board.







Section I          The President shall be Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and shall

                        exercise general supervision over all its affairs. The President has implied

                        authority to sign on behalf of the Corporation with approval from the Board

                        of Directors. The President or his designee shall preside at all meetings. The

                        President shall be an ex-Officio Member of all the committees. The President shall

                        direct, oversee and administer the affairs of the Corporation and appoint chair persons for all committees.


Section II        The Vice President shall assist the President and conduct all duties in his absence.

                        In the event of serious illness or death of the President, the Vice President shall

                        complete the President’s term of office


Section III       The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting. He/She shall be responsible for keeping a record of all members, handling all                                 correspondence, pamphlets, written communication and preserving all records of the Corporation.


Section IV       The Treasurer shall be responsible for accurately documenting and reporting all

                        financial transactions for the Corporation. A Financial Report shall be submitted

                        annually at the Annual General Meeting each January. The President shall

                        appoint two auditors to review the treasurer’s Financial Statement during his or

her term in office. All checks written shall require two signatures for approval.


Section V         The Assistant Secretary/Treasurer shall assist the Secretary in sending out

                        communication on behalf of the Corporation. In the absence of the Secretary, the

                        Assistant Secretary will act on his/her behalf in any way that is required for the efficiency of the Corporation.

In the absence of the Treasurer, the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer will act in

his/her capacity as to pertain to monetary transactions and financial reporting as it pertains to the Corporation.


Section VI       The Board of Directors shall attend directors and regular monthly meetings

                        stipulated by the by-laws or summoned by the President to deal with matters as they pertain to the Corporation.






Section I          The Officers and Directors of the Corporation, shall be elected by members of

                        the Corporation in the manner set forth in the By-Laws. Election of Officers and

                        Directors shall be held annually in the month of November.


Section II        Nomination for election of Officers and Directors shall be held one month prior to

the annual General Election. Those wishing to be nominated as Officers or Directors must express this in writing if they will not be able to attend this meeting.



Section III       A new member shall be active for six (6) months and in good standing prior to being

                        nominated for office or becoming an Officer or Director.


Section IV       Election of Officers and Directors shall be administered by closed ballot with each

                        member having one vote per office.


Section V         Proxy Vote

                        Written Proxy Vote of all members is permitted. These may be received by the

                        secretary in the mail or be handed in at the meeting. These proxy votes MUST be

                        sealed and opened only at the meeting by the President in the presence of the members attending.


Section VI       Elected Officers and Directors of the Corporation shall begin their term of office

                        at the general meeting in January of the year following elections. The term of office will be for one year.






Section I          The Officers and Directors of The Corporation not complying with his/her

                        responsibilities as outlined in the By-Laws shall be advised by the Board of

Directors in writing. If the Officer or Director fails to comply with the notice,

the Officer or Director will be notified by mail to appear at a date, time and

place not less than ten (10) days after the mailing of such notice. Failure to

appear or respond will be grounds for such Officer or Director’s removal from office.






Section I          These by-laws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part by

                        majority vote at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors of the

                        Corporation. Upon two-thirds majority vote, the Board of Directors shall make

                        a final assessment as to the implementation of the desired changes.







Section I          The Corporation has the following Standing Committees to which a Chairperson is

                        appointed by the President at the first meeting after election of Officers and

                        Directors: Entertainment/Fundraising, Discipline, Sports, Public Relation,

                        Membership and Benevolent.


Section II        The Board of Directors may create such committees as it may deem necessary

                        to promote the purposes and carry on the work of the Corporation.



Section III       The Chairperson of each standing committee shall present a plan of work along with

                        a budget to the Board of Directors for approval. No committee’s work shall be

                        undertaken without the consent of the Board of Directors.


Section IV       The power to form Special Committees and appoint their members rests with the

                        President and members of the Corporation.







                        Entertainment committee plans and executes all plans for fundraising events at the

                        clubhouse or at other locations



                        Independence Committee with the help of numerous sub-committees will

                        undertake the task of showcasing a Celebration of Jamaica’s Independence from  Great Britain. This celebration will involve outdoor events, live musical

                        performances, cultural performances, children’s activities and sporting activities.

                        Corporations and individuals will be solicited for sponsorship and also advertisement in The Corporation’s Annual Souvenir Magazine.



                        Disciplinary Committee shall review in the interest of the Corporation, each case

                        of misconduct or violation of any rules. Any violation of the Corporation’s rules &

                        judgment shall be presented in writing to the member & the President no later than

one week after it has occurred. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee is final

pending an appeal. An appeal must be lodged within seven (7) days of a judgment being passed.



Sports Committee shall present a budget including projection for all sporting

                        activities. The committee is responsible for helping to form selection committees in

                        each sporting fraternity. Game results are reported to the Chairman of the sports

                        committee who in turn reports to the Board of Directors.


Public Relation

                        Public Relation Committee shall be responsible for selling the ideas of The

                        Corporation to the community at large.


The Public Relation Committee is:

·         Responsible for promoting the club and helping to foster an  

amicable relationship with the public.


                        Benevolence Committee is formed to offer assistance to members. The committee also

                        responds to crises such as sickness, deaths, and other natural disasters. Such charities

are looked at on a case by case basis with the selected charitable organizations and resources available.




                        The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing the number of individuals and

                        ensuring the retention of members through the offering of services that meet their

                        needs. The Membership Committee is responsible for the following:


·         Recommending to The Corporation and its Board of Directors means

for increasing The Corporation membership base.

·         Recommending to the Board of Directors the means for making

prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and

membership benefits of The Corporation.

·         Recommending ways to acknowledge new members and encourage participation in The Corporation’s activities.


Special Committees

            As the name suggests, these committees will be formed for a special reason as

            defined by the members or President. Once the tasks of the committee are

            accomplished, the committee will be terminated.






Section I          Neither the Officers, Directors or Members of the Corporation shall be

                        personally liable for any debts or obligations of the Corporation. However,

                        this clause shall not affect the liability of membership dues and other financial

                        debts as shall be provided and set forth by the By-Laws.


Section II        No member of United Sports and Social Club, Inc. shall use the club’s name for

                        personal profit or promotion without Board approval. No part of the net earning

                        or loss of the Corporation is distributable to any Officer, Director or regular member,

                        except that the Corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable fees

                        for the furtherance of the Corporation.






Section I          A motion to dissolve the Corporation will be entertained upon written assent signed

                        by members in good financial standing and holding not less than sixty-six and on-third

                        (66 1/3) percent of the total number of Regular Members, The motion to dissolve the

                        Corporation will become final if it is ratified by the Board of Directors. Upon dissolution,

the assets of the Corporation will be conveyed and assigned to a similar non-profit corporation after all the debts and obligations have been met.






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